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Fun Full Time and Part Time jobs working with children

Note to visitors: Our main business is working with schools across the UK and therefore the information on our website may seem a bit too detailed to some, but we are initially targeting Headteachers and PE leads, followed with providing information to parents, children, community groups and future staff.  We believe it is important to provide you with the confidence to use our services and therefore explaining with in detail will achieve the marketing purposes of our website. 

Welcome to our Staff & Jobs Page

Please Note: We currently do not have any job positions available. But if you want to be on our job mailing list and would like to be notified of any future positions, then please email us your CV and we will consider you when a position becomes available. Please read the information below on the types of job positions we advertise for.

Who we Employ:

We are looking for experienced and newly qualified teachers, coaches and instructors in the following disciplines. We also require specialists with extensive experience in their chosen field. We employ;

  • Fitness Instructors
  • Sports Coaches (NGB Level 1,2,3 & BA Degree, HND, BTEC, NVQ)
  • Gymnastics Instructors
  • Dance Teachers (BA Degree, IDTA, Zumba, Street Dance, Breakdance)
  • Drama & Musical Theatre Instructors (BA Degree Level)
  • Martial Arts Instructors (Karate, Judo, Boxing)
  • Yoga & Well Being Instructors
  • Arts, Crafts & Creative Design Teachers
  • Music Teachers (Singing, Piano, Guitar, Flute, Clarinet, Violin)
  • Modern Foreign Language Teachers (French, Spanish)
  • Newly Qualified Teachers & Teaching Assistants
  • Work Experience & School Leavers Candidates 14yrs+
  • Administrative Support
  • Marketing and Sales Support
  • Sports Leaders and Trainee Sports Leaders 16yrs+
  • Part Time Work for Parents & Lunchtime Supervisors During School Holidays

the times you can expect to work:

  • Before School Clubs (7am-9am)
  • During the School Day (Usually working in school half or full days between 9am-3pm)
  • After School Clubs (3pm-5pm)
  • Birthday Parties (Weekends 1 or 2hrs usually in the afternoons)
  • School Holidays Activity Camp (8am-4pm)
Darren Hill (Founder in 1999 & Managing Director)
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Job Details & further information:

On this page you can read about the different job positions available at Sporting Dreams. We are always looking for enthusiastic and motivated staff to join our team. Please take a little time before applying, to read about us and the structure of our organisation and the different school sports and education programs we offer to schools and communities.

What work do we have available?  We are looking for coaches, instructors, teachers, leaders and assistants, to fill the positions of the various services we offer to schools and communities during term time, weekends, and during the school holidays. We also offer work experience opportunities for 14yrs+.

Brief outline of our business: Sporting Dreams was formed in 1999 and we provide healthy activities and educational services to primary schools, children and community groups throughout the UK. Our approach is to use the various expertise of our staff to create a fun and engaging learning experience for children, all with the aim of inspiring children to try new activities and to live a full and healthy lifestyle. We use the following topics to achieve these aims. Various Sports, Dance, Exercise and Fitness, Gymnastics, Drama, Musical Theatre, Jodo, Karate, Boxing, Yoga and Wellbeing, Music and Language lessons. 

Locations: We work with schools across the UK and have a number of part time and temporary positions during term time and during the school holidays. 

Rate of Pay: All positions meet the national minimum wage rates. 

How to apply? To apply for any of the positions below, please email us your CV. 

What Job positions do we have?

Most of our jobs require you to have a basic qualification and experience working with children aged 4-12years old and dealing with class sizes of 20 to 30 children. It will be an advantage if you have your own transport and if you  already have a DBS check. 

Here are the job positions we currently have available and a brief job description. 


  • A Specialist Sports Coach
  • A Specialist Gymnastics Instructor (Delivering the National Curriculum)
  • A Specialist Dance Instructor (Street Dance, Zumba)
  • A Specialist Fitness Instructor
  • A Specialist Drama / Musical Theatre Instructor
  • A Specialist Yoga Instructor
  • A Specialist Music Teacher
  • A Specialist MFL Teacher (French, Spanish)

What do we mean by the term “A Specialist Coach / Instructor / Teacher”. This position is for you if you have significant experience and qualifications in your field. You may have studied at college or University and hold a NVQ, BTEC, HND, Degree, Masters or equivalent qualification in your field of expertise. You must be 18yrs+ but extensive experience is required. Ideally you will have your own transport as you will most likely have to transport equipment. Typical hours are 9am-3pm Mon-Fri. Sports coaches must also hold a minimum Level 2 National Governing Body (NGB) of sport coaching qualification. Your duties will be to go into schools and deliver the subject matter you are qualified and trained in. EG. Zumba, Basketball, Tennis, Drama, Spanish, Judo  etc. You must have experience working with primary school children aged 4-12yrs and dealing with class sizes of 30 children. The rate of pay meets the national minimum wage.  See the full job description

After School Clubs:

  • After School Club Sports Coach
  • After School Club Gymnastics Instructor
  • After School Club Dance Instructor (Street Dance, Zumba)
  • After School Club Fitness Instructor (Exercise to Music) 
  • After School Club Drama / Musical Theatre Instructor
  • After School Club Yoga Instructor
  • After School Club Music Teacher
  • After School Club MFL Teacher (French, Spanish)

After School Club Coach/Instructor/Leader/Teachers. This position is for you if are 18yrs+ and qualified in your field. You must have experience working with primary school children aged 4-12yrs and dealing with class sizes of 20 children. Usual hours are 3.00pm-4.30pm Monday to Friday. The rate of pay is £15-£30 per club, depending on the location of the school and your qualifications and experience. Ideally you will have your own transport as you will most likely have to transport equipment. Clubs will last 5-10 weeks and you must be available for the duration of the clubs to ensure reliability and consistency of personnel. See the full job description

Similar to the position above we also have Before School Clubs 7.30am-9am and Lunchtime Clubs 12pm-1pm Monday to Friday during term time. 

Curriculum Lessons:

  • PE Curriculum Sports Coach
  • PE Curriculum Gymnastics Instructor
  • PE Curriculum Dance Instructor
  • PE Curriculum Health & Fitness Instructor 
  • PE Curriculum Yoga & Wellbeing Instructor
  • Curriculum Music Teacher
  • Curriculum Modern Foreign Language Teacher (French, Spanish)

PE Curriculum Sports Coach.+ After school club. This position is for you if are 18yrs+ and qualified to a level 1, 2 or 3 NGB coaching qualification or equivalent qualification. You must have experience of working in PE lessons in primary schools with children aged 4-12yrs and dealing with class sizes of 30 children. We have some schools who want a full day 9am-4.30pm, but most schools require 1pm-4.30pm Mon-Fri. You must have a good knowledge of the National Curriculum for Physical Education. The rate of pay meets the national minimum wage.  See the full job description

Assistant Sports Coach. Would suit 15yrs-17yrs+. Hours are flexible and you can work around your studies to gain experience. Opportunities to assist and shadow a qualified sports coach/dance instructor during term time 9am-3pm, 1pm-4.30pm, 3pm-4.30pm and during the school holidays. The rate of pay meets the national minimum wage rates.

School Holiday Sports Activity Camps:

Holiday Camp Activity Sports Leaders: This position is for you if you are 18yrs+. You must already have a DBS check and you have an interest in sport/dance. There is less emphasis on coaching in this role but more as an activity organiser and supervisor for the children. If you are qualified and experienced it is an advantage but full training will be given. You will first  shadow a colleague on your first few times of working until you feel confident in delivering the activities and daily program. First aid training and qualification is also an advantage.  See the full job description

More information about this job: During our holiday sports camps children will play 6-8 activities throughout each day. The success of these camps is a combination of providing children with a quick, jam packed activity program with a Fun Activity Leader. Children will only spend 20-30minutes on each activity until they rotate round to the next activity, and your role as an Activity Leader is to create a fun and safe learning environment whereby children can learn the basic skills of how to play a sport/activity through playing fun games in pairs and small teams no bigger than 7v7. You will receive full training on what activities and games to play with the children. Your role as an Activity Leader is more as an organiser. Organising games and a little hint of skills coaching once the children understand what they have to do.  See the full job description

Assistant Holiday Camp Activity Sports Leaders: Would suit 15-17yrs to assist the Sports Activity Leader in supervising and delivering the activities. Just being updated-will be on view soon-See the full job description

Birthday Parties:

Children’s Sports and Dance Birthday Party Leader. This position is for you if are 18yrs+ and qualified level 1, 2 or 3 NGB of Sport or qualified Dance Teacher. You must already have a DBS check. You must have experience working with primary school children aged 4-12yrs and dealing with class sizes of 20 children. You must have your own transport as you will have to transport equipment. Usual hours are the occasional Saturdays or Sunday (Depending on your availability) for 1 or 2 hours between 1pm-5pm. The rate of pay is £25-£50, depending on the location of the party and your qualifications and experience. 


To engage, inspire and develop children’s experiences in fun sports and healthy exercise. 


To work with every primary school throughout the UK delivering each sports coaching program we offer, and to provider fun sports camps to children every school holiday.


  • Reliable
  • Honest
  • Resilient
  • Hard Working
  • Disciplined