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Fencing Party

Fun Parties for Children 4-12yrs

A fun way to celebrate your child’s birthday with family and friends

"Hi Darren, I just wanted to say thank you so much for a great party. Your sports coach Luke was excellent and all the parents commented on how good he was. He had all the boys completely under control and they thought he was great. He did a good mix of activities and they all got involved in everything. I would certainly recommend him and the company and I suspect some of the other mums and dads may give you call!" Thanks again, Mrs Hillman

Fencing Party

What to expect: Children first place on a scoring and are taught the movements using foam swords/sabres/epees.

1. Warm up: Children are first taught how to hold and how to use the foam swords/sabres & epees safely. 

2. Learning the basic movements: Children are taught how to move their feet forwards, backwards and sideways.

3. How to Score: Children are then taught how to score. 

4. Fancy a Duel? Children are taught how to start a duel and how to end a duel.

5. Masks Ready. Children now know how to play safely and can now play a mini tournament with the foam swords and masks. Usually children aged 8yrs+ after an additional safety briefing and some basic exercises,  can go on to use the plastic swords/epees.  

6. Optional Award Ceremony: Each child is presented with a certificate and the birthday boy/girl is presented with a birthday medal/trophy (Extra charges apply).

7. Food, Drinks and Cake: The parent’s for the birthday boy or girl would set up the tables and chairs for the children to sit down and have their food etc and at the end sing happy birthday.  

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