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Fun Games Party

Fun Parties for Children 4-12yrs

A fun way to celebrate your child’s birthday with family and friends

"Hi Darren, I just wanted to say thank you so much for a great party. Your sports coach Luke was excellent and all the parents commented on how good he was. He had all the boys completely under control and they thought he was great. He did a good mix of activities and they all got involved in everything. I would certainly recommend him and the company and I suspect some of the other mums and dads may give you call!" Thanks again, Mrs Hillman

Fun Games Party

Theses parties are based around using fun games and team games with a little competition. 

1. Warm up game: 5min = Fox & Rabbits. An simple evasion game children have a bib tucked in to the back of their shorts and have to avoid being caught by the foxes. Great to develop spatial awareness and dodging skills. 

2. Fun Game One: 10min = Tag Rugby continuous game. An evasion game where half of the children have a rugby ball and the other half have to tackle and win the ball using tag rugby rules. Children learn how to tackle, how to pass, how to dodge and avoid being caught.

3. Fun Game Two:  10min = Football Body Parts. A fun game developing spatial awareness and children are also taught how to dribble with different part of their feet and how to control the football.

4. Fun Game Three: 10min = Indiana Jones and the temple of doom. Played as either football/handball/hockey or basketball. Children have to dribble their ball down the temple of doom without being hit below the knees with a foam ball. A fun game children develop their dribbling skills, ball control, passing, throwing, catching and aiming skills. 

5. Team games: 20min = Olympics Cartoon Cup Final (Uni-hoc: This is a numbers game, we start off calling 1 number from each team who try and tackle one another and score. Once everyone has had one go we then play it 2 v 2, then 3v3, then 4v4 etc.

6. Award Ceremony: 5mins. Each child is presented with a certificate and the birthday boy/girl is presented with a birthday medal or trophy.  

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