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"The children loved it. It was fun, they were engaged, it was exciting and looked amazing. Staff felt your staff explanations were clear and their manner with the children was great. Good feedback from the parents too."
St. Eanswythe's CE Primary School, Kent
J. S. O'Callaghan (Head Teacher) St. Eanswythe's CE Primary School, Kent

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Welcome to WicketCricket

A fun way of learning how to play Cricket

Available to primary schools for: 

  • Curriculum PE Lessons
  • PPA Cover
  • Breakfast & Lunchtime Activity Clubs
  • After School Sports Clubs
  • Kids Birthday Sports Parties
  • Holidays Sports Camps & Playschemes
  • Bespoke Services for schools
  • CPD Staff Training
  • Parents & Children Bonding/Learning Events
  • Please email us for a full list of services and programs we offer to schools

Watch This Video:

Watch children taking part in our WicketCricket school sports program. Please email us for more information and a quote.

Welcome To Our WicketCricket Schools Program

Hello Head Teachers and PE Leads. 

To book a WicketCricket sports program for your school please email us for a quote. If you are a parent and want to find out more about a sports party for your child please visit our Kids Sports Parties page, or if  you want to find out more about our school holiday sports camps click here. 

What is WicketCricket?

WicketCricket is a Sporting Dreams School Sports Program. 

Our WicketCricket school sports program provides children with a fun and safe introduction to the skills required in Cricket. Children from EYRS to year 6 will enjoy taking part in fun games, exercises and competitions which also develop many transferable skills used in other sports. 

To be honest, all children really want to do is to hit the ball as far as they can, which always brings a smile to their faces. And it’s our instructors job to help build up the children’s core motor skills on how to bowl, how to bat and how to throw and catch. We achieve this by playing fun games and competitions which allow children lots of attempts in a short amount of time to practice learning the actions of a skill. 

We bring all the equipment and 200 foam tennis balls for inside for wet days, and 300-400 real tennis balls for outside in good weather for children to throw, catch, bowl, and bat. This allows children to have lots of attempts to improve their cricket skills while playing fun games against their class friends.

Like all of our school sports programs, the aim is to engage children 95-100% of their lessons and to give children a “WOW, that was an amazing experience, can we do it again?“.  

What Skills do the children Learn & Develop?

We teach children the basic skills of the sport through the use of fun games, activities and competitions.

Children will learn;

  • How to bowl
  • How to catch
  • How to throw overarm and underarm at targets and wicket stumps
  • How to bat
  • How to field
  • How to be a wicketkeeper
  • How to score runs

Additional Benefits to children:

If you haven’t already, please take a look at our about us page, our historyand our foundations, where you can read a little about our coaching methods, our approach and our use of discipline. These are vitally important to create and maintain a fun, safe and efficient learning environment for the children.

Our WicketCricket program uses fun games which will also help children to:

  • Improve throwing, catching and aiming skills
  • Improve balance 
  • Improve coordination skills
  • Improve reaction times
  • Develop & improve motor skills 
  • Apply basic mathematics  by keeping scores
  • Develop team work/working with a partner and cooperation skills
  • Develop self esteem and an understanding of resilience to new challenges
  • Develop competitive but respectful characteristics of a good sportsperson 

What services do you offer to schools?

Bookings are available to schools for PE Lessons, PPA Cover, After School Clubs, and School Holiday Sports Camps, plus other bespoke services including Special Events for Schools, Birthday Parties and for Community Groups. For a full list of services and programs we offer to schools please email us.

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