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Welcome to Our Sports & Activities Page

Most Sports and Activities are available to schools during PE Lessons, After School Clubs and School Holiday Sports Camps. Most are also available for Children's Birthday Parties.

Hello Head teachers:

If you are representing a school,  then we suggest that you first take a look at our School Sports Coaching Programs and then scroll down to view all of our sports and activities which we can provide during PE lessons and after school clubs. You may also be interested in booking one of our School Holiday Sports Activity Camps for your school.  

Watch This Video:

Watch children taking part in a few of our school sports programs. Please email us for more information and a quote.

Hello Parents & Children:

If you are a parent or child then you may be interested in taking a look at our School Sports Coaching Programs that we deliver in schools across the UK, or you may be more interested in booking one of our Kids Sports Parties

You can also scroll down this page to find out about our School Holiday Sports Activity Camps and watch some videos of the Sports and Activities we provide. 

Part Time Jobs:

Part time jobs during school holidays & term term. If you hold qualifications or experience in working with children, take a look at our Staff & Job page for job opportunities

Our Sports & Activities:

Our School Sports Coaching Programs:

Here are the logo’s of a few of our most popular School Sports Coaching Programs along with the School Holiday Sports Camps and children’s Birthday Parties. Click on the links and logo’s below and take a closer look at what’s involved.


Glow in the Dark Dodgeball Program for Schools


Mini Archery Program for Schools


Fencing Program for Schools


Cricket Program for Schools


Quidditch Program for Schools


New Age Kurling Program for Schools


Tennis Program for Schools


Kick Scooter and Electric Scooter Program for Schools

Olympic Games:

Mini Olympic Games Program for Schools

Crazy Carts:

Electric Crazy Carts Activities for Schools

Sports Camps

Sports activities for primary schools during the school holidays

Sports Parties:

Sports Parties for Children 4-12 years old

All Sports & Activities:

Parents: This section has been designed primarily to make it easier for parents to show their children what a sport or activity looks like. This helps us with the marketing side of our business and will help to inspire and motivate children to take part. 

Schools: Bookings are also available to schools for PE Lessons, PPA Cover, After School Clubs, and School Holiday Sports Camps, plus other bespoke services. Please email us for any further information.

Archery (Soft)

Air Hockey


Balloon Badminton



Crazy Carts






Glow in the Dark Dodgeball




New Age Kurling

Parachutes Wind Running

Parachute Games




Scooters (Kick)

Scooters (Electric)

Street Dance

Tennis Outside

Tennis Indoors

Water Fights

Tug of War

Space Hopper Races

Sack Races

Long Jump

Hurdle Races

Foam Javelin Throwing

Egg & Spoon Races



Just Dance

Sprint Races


To engage, inspire and develop children’s experiences in fun sports and healthy exercise. 


To work with every primary school throughout the UK delivering each sports coaching program we offer, and to provider fun sports camps to children every school holiday.


  • Reliable
  • Honest
  • Resilient
  • Hard Working
  • Disciplined