A fun cricket program for school children 4 to 14 years old.  


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To some people cricket looks boring, just standing there waiting for the ball to be hit in their direction. Everyone wants to bowl and everyone wants to bat. Our role with this WicketCricket program is to give children a great first experience and make cricket fun, fast, sometimes frantic and give children a chance to learn all the positions and skills involved with the sport.




Our cricket program for schools is called wicketcricket. Something short, sweet and cool. We hope the children will say to their parents and friends, we had wicketcricket today and it was great fun! Take a look at the flyer below and more information. 

 Cricket Reward Day for Schools


More information: 

Like all of our school sports programs, we try and make sure the coaching sessions keep the children active and engaged at least 95% of the lesson.


Cricket to some teaching staff may be a challenge, but we have designed a number of different coaching programs and games to gradually build up the childrens knowledge, skills and understanding of how to play this popular fun sport.


We have programs for each year group from 4 to 14 years old.


Services include: 


-Book a Cricket Treat Day for your pupils

-Weekly PE lessons

-PPA Cover 

-After school clubs

-Holiday Camps 



What to expect? Taster Reward Days

We come in to your school and spend 30 minutes to 1 hour coaching skills to each class from EYRS to Yr 6.  We use foam balls for indoors, tennis balls outdoors, plastic bats and tennis rackets. Children learn; Throwing and catching skills; How to bowl underarm, Batting, Fielding, How to score runs, Plus loads more. Children play fun games learning skills whilst  developing reaction times and eye-hand coordination.


Cost: Please email us for a quote: info@sporting-dreams.co.uk



Skills Include; 

-How to bowl

-How to bat

-How to field

-Throwing & Catching 


-Developing eye-hand coordination and reactions / response times



All skills in cricket are transferable and can be used in many other sports. So if it's just a reward day for the whole school or a weekly PE lessons/after school club. The kids will have loads of chances to have fun with their friends.  

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