1. Coronavirus Statement and Protective Control Measures Put into place by Sporting Dreams


Our Sporting Dreams Holiday Playscheme/Club at Hastings High School is currently planning on opening from the 27th July 2020. On the 10th July 2020 the UK Government issued Guidance for parents and carers of children attending out-of-school settings during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. From this date forward we will be operating over the school holidays with new safety and appropriate protective control measures in place for children, parents and staff and in line with the government guidance.


In the event of a Sporting Dreams Holiday Club being advised to close by government advice or by Public Health England due to the Coronavirus, a full refund will be given for the days that we are closed.


The Sporting Dreams COVID-19 Protective and Control Measures put into place during Holiday Clubs:

Here are details of the appropriate protective and control measures Sporting Dreams have put in place to minimise the transmission risks of the virus.


1.   Informing parents by email, text, website and social media of what to expect before they arrive.


2.   Parent / Career / Children and Staff – Covid-19 Self-Health Declaration Form:

We do not want anyone who is unwell and showing symptoms of COVID-19 to attend the holiday club. This form asks that everyone declares they are healthy to attend.


3.  We are encouraging all children attending the playscheme to walk or cycle to the setting or get dropped off by a member of their household in a private vehicle rather than taking public transport.


4. New signing-IN and signing-OUT procedures for parents to follow.


5.   Parents must stay 1meter apart or more and must sanitize their hands before signing-IN and signing-OUT their child.


6.  Washing hands frequently: On arrival children will wash their hands with antibacterial soap and running water for 20seconds or will use the hand sanitizer. Children will also wash their hands before and after eating, sneezing and coughing. Also before and after break-time 11am, lunchtime 12.15pm, home-time 3pm. And during and throughout playing activities and using equipment.


7.  Social distancing throughout the day. Children will stay 1meter or more from others throughout the day.


8.    Parents will not enter the classroom.


9.   Children get their own allocated seating space and desk in the classroom.


10. We have reduced class sizes to a maximum of 15children in one group.


11. Reduce mixing of groups. Groups will be encouraged not to mix with one another.


12. Each group will be given a roster of activities, location and games to play throughout the day.


13. There are 3 separate registration and collection points for parents to queue outside and wait for their children.


14. While we can accept cash payments we are adopting and encouraging a payment policy of parents paying in advance via BACS which will reduce the handling of cash and transmission of the virus.


15. We will complete as many activities outside including lunchtimes. Weather permitting.


16. We have strict cleaning measures in place for the equipment and cleanliness/maintenance of facilities, toilets, washrooms, chairs, light switches, door handles, desks, eating areas.


17.  Updated Risk Assessments and Daily Checklists


18. Introduced a policy of what to do if staff think your child has the Coropnavirus, including procedures and isolation area and the use of a Tommee Tippee no touch forehead thermometer to check children’s temperature. 


19. We’ve created a comprehensive COVID-19 training module for staff to complete before they come into the club.


20. Introducing sanitizing stations. Each group will have their own sanitizing station which will have boxes of tissues, antibacterial whips and paper towels where the children can clean their hands. Children however will be encouraged preferably to use soap and water and wash their hands for 20seconds. Hand sanitizer will also be available  during activities and throughout the day for staff and children.

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