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A look at the day

Sample school flyer below. Please contact or text 07813175444 for up to date venues etc


Hi Kids,

The School Holidays can sometimes be boring unless you do something fun in it like coming along to Sporting Dreams. We have loads of fun and healthy activities for you to take part in with your friends. 

Example Timetable:

9am-9.15pm: Registration

9.15pm-9.30pm: Introductions, Rules for the day, toilet procedure, What to expect etc

9.30pm-10.30pm: Warm up & Activity/coaching session one

10.30pm-10.45pm: Snack Break

10.45pm-11.45pm: Activity/coaching session two

11.45pm-12.00: Cool down & Summary

12.00pm-1.00pm: Lunch, Jokes, Britain's got talent, Freeplay

1.00pm-2.00pm: Warm up & Activity/coaching session three

2.00pm-3.00pm: Activity/coaching session four

3.00pm-3.15pm: Cool down Summary

3.15pm-3.30pm: Signing out


What will I be doing?

Remember these activities are for Boys and Girls who may be an absolute beginner or who have experience. Our experienced and talented instructors will help develop your skills according to your own ability.

Football Coaching Courses:

If you go on this course you'll be coached skills, play matches, take penalty shootouts, play fun games like the Simpson's and Star Wars. You'll play 1v1's. 2v2's and world cup matches. you'll also take part in Skill challenges to test your skills against other players.

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Registration & Welcome:


Warm Up:(Without a ball) Famous Footballers, Traffic lights, Fox & Rabbits, SAQ (With a ball) Spiderman, Chicken Run, Ball Mastery Skills etc


Fun Game One: Indiana Jones-Raider of the Lost Arc (passing and dribbling game)


Skill Session One: Developing Passing & Control Techniques, Instep over 5,10,15,20 yards, then using Laces, Volley's, Chip pass, lofted pass, how to Swerve the ball using instep/outside foot left & right
10.00-10.10amFun Game Two: Using the skill coached. (Time Bomb) A game of keep ball 40x40 area 5 v 3 players
10.10-10.20amBreak, Drink & Snack:
10.20-10.30amFun Game Three: Introducing a new skill (Dribbling) Space Invaders)
Skill Session Two: Developing Dribbling Techniques (Ball Each) Developing Close Control and Moves like; Matthews, Scissors, Double Touch, sideways, nutmegs, combinations, Koonan, Romario, Giggs, Beardsley
Competition Time: Test skills out against opponents, 1v1, 2v2, 2v1, 2v3 etc (Cartoon Cup Final/World Cup Finals)
11.05-11.10amDrink Break:
Team Building Fun Games:
11.20-11.30amGames to Develop Reactions: Odds & Evans, Rats & Rabbits
11.30-12.00pm Mini-Matches: Free expression trying to use the skills coached during the morning, follwed by cool down including Q & A
Lunch Time: Including Quizzes, Jokes, story telling, playstation, videos, Free play time.
1.00-1.10pmWarm Up using a Fun Game: 
Skill Session Three: Developing Turning Techniques including; Inside/outside Hook, Drag Back, Stp Turn, Cruyff, Step around. 
1.30-1.40pm Related Practice: Turning under passive to intense pressure
 1.40-1.45pmDrinks Break:
 1.45-2.10pmPenalty Shootout Competitions:
 2.10-2.55pmWorld Cup / Champions league / FA Cup Matches:
 2.55-3.10pmCool Down, Pack Away, Q & A, Daily Awards:
 3.10-3.15pmHome Time & Sign Out: All Parents Have to come and Sign children out


You'll play lots of sports like Cricket, Rounders, Rugby, Hockey, Tennis, Dodgeball, Basketball, Golf, Badminton, Athletics-Races & Throwing Javelins.

Mini-Olympic Games:

You'll take part in your own mini-version of the Olympic Games. Taking part in challenges in teams and testing out your ability in activities and competitions in various sports including; Relay Races, Shooting/aiming a targets using balls, sack races, Teams games, Football, Basketball, Rugby, plus loads more. you'll work in teams and make new friends while taking part in fun games.

Cricket & Rounders:

You'll learn new skills in batting, fielding and bowling, you'll play Cricket in the mornings and rounders in the afternoon. you'll take part in skills competitions testing out your accuracy, reactions, ball handling, team work, batting and catching skills.

Tennis & Badminton:

Your coach will teach you basic skills and how to outwit your opponent. You'll play matchesand take part in fungames and competitions. You'll play Tennis in the morning and Badminton in the afternoon.

Arts & Crafts:

Each day you'll have a different challenge of using your creativity to make new things like how to make a kite and model aero plane, painting pictures, making clay dinosaurs, Bookmarks, Door notices there simply loads to do. Unless otherwise stated arts & crafts workshops take place from 1 to 2 hours a day and children usually take part in other sports /dance activities.

Musical Theatre:

You'll experience being an actor or even pop star. You'll sing along to songs, dance and learn new steps and routines aswell as working in teams and creating your own scenes and dances. You'll then put on a small production for your parents at the end of the day or course.

Steet Dance:

You'll learn new moves and rountines using Popping and Locking moves, listening and following various music to pop, hip hop, R & B, and Electronic Videos. You will then put a performance together to show your parents at the end of the day/course.


You'll Learn easy and safe cheering routines listening to and following music from musicals like High School Musical and hairspray.

Netball & Basketball:

You'll be coached the skills, positions ans strategies you need to outwit your opponents, you'll play matches fun games and competitions.

Treasure Hunts:

Great fun after being taught some basic Orienteering skills including helping to navigate you around a course, map reading and using a compass. 

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