Extended School Services

At Sporting Dreams we offer a number of programs which supports Extended School Services. If you are an Extended Services Coordinator (ESCO), or School Sports Coordinator (SSCO) please get in touch and we'll be happy to discuss what we can deliver within your cluster. Services Include:



Cluster School Holiday Clubs:


Sporting Dreams can help organise a healthy holiday activity course for your cluster of schools. Children from different schools within your cluster cam come together and enjoy learning new skills and taking part in new and exciting activities. We can design a program to fit around your cluster needs.


Programs can run from half a day to a full day for as many days as you like in the school holiday. The usual times are 9am-3.15pm.


Costs: Please contact or extended schools coordinator for an uptodate price list

Ages: We can catter for children from 4-16years old. Please contact us for more information.

Activities: please look at our full list of activities but our most popular activities include:

-Football camps

-Street dance








Example Timetable:

9am-9.15pm: Registration

9.15pm-9.30pm: Introductions, Rules for the day, toilet procedure, What to expect etc

9.30pm-10.30pm: Warm up & Activity/coaching session one

10.30pm-10.45pm: Snack Break

10.45pm-11.45pm: Activity/coaching session two

11.45pm-12.00: Cool down & Summary

12.00pm-1.00pm: Lunch, Jokes, Britain's got talent, Freeplay

1.00pm-2.00pm: Warm up & Activity/coaching session three

2.00pm-3.00pm: Activity/coaching session four

3.00pm-3.15pm: Cool down Summary

3.15pm-3.30pm: Signing out





A Sporting Dreams breakfast club is designed to meet your school needs. We will supply your school with a Sporting Dreams instructor who will organise activities with the purpose to stimulate and engage each child and allowing them a fun opportunity to get their mind and body warmed up and alert for a new day of learning.



Depending on your schools facilities we can provide the children with toast, cereals and drinks which is also used as an interactive classroom workshop on healthy eating.


The clubs are also an excellent form of additional childcare which most working parents require. For more information on the types of activities please contact us.






Our Sporting Dreams instructors can help create a really fun and friendly environment at playtime. We can help organise activities for the older children to  become playleaders and lead a small group. For more information please contact us.







Our clubs can fit around your school needs. They usually run for 1 hour per week and last 5-12weeks. Our most popular clubs includes multi-sports. Street Dance, Cheerleading, Drama, Football,Arts & Crafts, Rugby, Cricket. Simply pick which ever activity you want and our experienced instructor will design the lessons to meet the needs and ability of your children.




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