Mini-Archery Kit for Schools

Mini Archery is a fun and safe way to learn the basic skills in archery. It is an alternative method of teaching children about numerous subjects including maths, literacy and history, as well as keep children fit and healthy. 

It is a great way of motivating children and developing their self esteem and motor skills including eye to hand coordination skills. Archery can help children to concentrate and develop their classroom based skills.



The following equipment is safe for children aged from 4years to adults, children should always be supervised by an adult.

School Advice:

To ensure that children have lots of shot and because the average class size in most schools in the UK is 30 children, we recommend to school to purchase atleast the following volume of equipment. this will place children in to small teams of three and each child will have lots of turns shooting. 

-10 Mini Archery bows

-5 targets

-10 arrows

-5 spare arrows 

-5 Mini Archery Bow for ages 8 to 16 years. (These are more powerful bows and suitable for ages 9 to 16+)

Prices are subject to change and exclude delivery charge.  

 Mini Archery Bow


Suited for ages 3yrs old right through to adults. It's light weight and easy to use.  A moulded arrow rest on each side means this bow is totally ambidextrous.


Mini Archery Bows for ages 8 to 16+

£30.95 each

You have to have some muscles with this bow and offers more power and a differemnt type of archery. suited to children aged 8 years through to adults.


Mini Archery Arrows

1 x Arrow = £6.50 

You will receive the only colours available

Mini Archery Target - double sided

£49.95 each 

Mini Archery Target - double sided

£49.95 each

Mini Archery Target Bag - Fits 4 to 8 targets

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