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Background to Sporting Dreams
Sporting Dreams was formed in 1999 and have successfully organised Fun Sports and Dance Activities throughout the Midlands for thousands of boys and girls of all abilities.


Director Darren Hill formed the organisation on the basis of raising coaching standards and sporting opportunities for children at grass roots. Providing Children with a fun and exciting introduction to sport and healthy exercise.


At Sporting Dreams we specialise in providing children (4-16years old) with opportunities of playing organised sports in a fun filled safe learning environment.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our coaching staff who are experience in working with, and bringing out the best in children of all abilities.


On all of our training programs and courses, the main focus is for the children to have fun whilst learning some new skills. Therefore even though the skills taught to a 14 year old will be different to a child who is 4, they will still have lots of fun whilst learning.


Our various training programs are designed to help children progress from learning the basic skills of a sport through to the more advanced technical and strategic skills.


Each lesson, no matter what the age of the children involves developing and reinforcing their knowledge and understanding of:

•Balance & coordination

•Motor skills

•Awareness of & movement into space

•Communication skills




Through our extensive teaching and coaching backgrounds we understand how children learn and how different sports can be taught in fun but effective ways. We enjoy coaching children. It is our exclusive profession and it is our chosen profession.


Many of our directors and coaches have played in their chosen sports at a very high standard, some of which have also played professionally. It is a part of our commitment to quality that we aim to recruit the very best staff available. Many of which have studied at university and have graduated in their field with honours. click here to meet the team!


With these experiences, mixed together with our academic knowledge of sports studies and child psychology we have developed various sports coaching programs to suit your child’s needs.


Primarily the organisation was named Soccer Dreams, but in September 2001 it was changed to Sporting Dreams


In addition to providing children with more opportunities in playing sports, we have also formed links with many Primary Schools, local sports clubs and other junior football clubs throughout the community. These links are formed by providing after school sports clubs; training programs and coaching for other local football clubs/teams; providing holiday courses for children and information and advice for parents and guardians. Our courses provide a great opportunity to identify talented youngsters and encouraging them to join a local sports club or team.


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