Holiday Course Itinerary




Welcome & Registration

Sporting Dreams head coach and staff welcome parents and children and registers new arrivals.



Introductions & Agreeing Expectations

Sporting Dreams head coach introduces the children to their coaches and instructors and then explains to the kids what activities they will be playing during the day. The head coach will then discuss what level of behavior is expected and will brief the children on any health and safety matters on the course including the toilet procedure.


Children are split up into their own aged groups

Children are usually split up into their own aged groups depending on the total number of children who attend the course.



1st Workshops & Coaching Sessions



Dancing Dreams instructor Joanne teaching the girls and boys steps for the cheerleading and dance routines


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Soccer Dreams coaches Alex & Richard warming up the children with a fun football game



Supervised snack & drinks break

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2nd Workshops & Coaching Sessions

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Supervised Lunchtime




Stand up and tell a joke, pop idol, Xfactor, Britain's Got talent fun competitions




3rd Workshops & Coaching Sessions

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Pack up, clean & daily awards ceremony

Children help their coach and instructors clear up equipment and prepare for their parents to pick them up. At the end of each day each coach gives out merit awards to some of the kids.

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