4. Covid-19 Self-Health Declaration for Parents/careers/children and staff

All Parents/Careers/Staff must fill out the form below and sign the declaration before attending the playscheme. An emailed version of this document is also accepted. Email info@sporting-dreams.co.uk or contact Darren Hill on 07813175444.


Purpose: To help minimise contact with individuals who are unwell by ensuring those who have coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms do not attend the venue setting. This also applies if a member of their family has symptoms or if they have been advised by NHS Test & Trace as ‘a close contact’ to isolate at home. Source worked from: click here


Please complete the following:



Parent/Careers/Staff Full Name:









Mobile Tel:



Full Name of Child/Children:

Attending the Sporting Dreams Holiday Playscheme:



Please read the following statement and sign the below declaration:




I declare that the child/children named above, myself, and any person I organize to drop-off or collect my child (to the best of my knowledge), have not had or are showing symptoms of COVID-19. If we have had symptoms we have already isolated at home for 14days and no longer show symptoms.



If we begin to show any symptoms we shall not attend the playscheme and we will contact Sporting Dreams to inform them.




Parent/Career Signature: ……………………………………….. Date:………………..

How to return this form: Email info@sporting-dreams.co.uk or Print it off and hand to Sporting Dreams 

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