3. How to Pay Procedure for Parents


We have made slight alterations to the signing in and out procedure and also payment procedure. This is with the aim of making it as easy as possible to drop off and collect your children while at the same time respecting social distancing and the safety of the children, other parents and our staff.



How to pay:

Ideally we do not want to be handling cash, therefore it is preferred if you can pay by BACS to our Sporting Dreams Santander Business Account on the Saturday or Sunday before your child attends the forthcoming week.


Parents can expect to receive a text reminder from the Sporting Dreams Holiday Camp Coordinator on the Friday before their child attends. The text will be to remind parents to send payment via bacs on the Saturday or Sunday for the dates their child will be attending during the forthcoming week. All payments will be appreciated if they can be made before 6pm on the Sunday. This will make it easier to administer.     


Please send payment to Sporting Dreams Sort Code: 09-01-50 and Account Number: 02914611 and use your child’s name as a reference.


With parents who are sending two or more children it would be appreciated if parents can make a separate payment for each child and use the child’s name they are paying for as a reference. This will make it a lot easier to mark the child off as paid on our register. For Example: Joe Bloggs.


Please note the costs:

8am-3/3.30pm £15.50. Please only arrive at 8am not before.

8.30am-3/3.30pm=£12.50. Please only arrive at 8.30am not before.

10am-3/3.30pm =£10. Please only arrive at 10am not before.

If parents wanted to arrive between 8.30am and 9.50am that is fine but they should pay £12.50.


Accepting Cash/Cheque Payments: We can take cash/cheque payments but we would appreciate parents bringing the correct change/amount. This will help reduce the probability of spreading germs. 



Reminder Dropping-Off and Collection Times:

It would be appreciated if parents can only arrive at the exact times they have booked in. For example if you have booked in to start at 8.30am then please arrive give or take 2-3 minutes around 8.30am. Registration should only take 15minutes so by 8.45am we can get the children started. Please also note that from 8.30am-10am our program is more flexible and relaxed and at 10am to 10.15am we begin our final registration with parents/children arriving. Then at 10.15am-2.45pm we operate a more specific coaching skills curriculum. 2.45pm-3pm is cleaning up/packing up equipment time. 3pm-3.30pm is collection time/signing out time.


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